Thursday, January 15, 2009

Musings about technology

I fully recognize the value of technological improvements that are increasingly rapid and pervasive in our society. The access to information, artistic value and speed of communication all add to our society. Technological developments are a "real part" of society and in countless ways improve our quality of life.

Nonetheless, at a social and ethical level I am often concerned for our world community. For one, the sense of propriety and civility in our dialogue is often compromised. People speak in bold, and are often inaccurate or dishonest, tones that are encouraged by the anonymity created by technology. I also think we are losing part of the humanity in our relationships... as was shared tonight, people having dinner are on the cell phone. Or, in yesterdays Oregonian a social worker was shown speaking to a student with headphones in his ears. In each case, are people fully engaged in relationship?

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  1. Great insight, and you point to a challenge that educators face in an increasingly expanding technological world. The promise of technology often centers around improved/increased communication; yet this is not always the case. Does Aloha HS have policy in place to address some of this? How has it worked?