Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paul's Words of Wisdom

I appreciated Paul's words of insight, as they are based on experience and an obvious wisdom. Of particular note was Paul's belief that people must be able to learn independently to function successly in the "world of the web." In some respects, this runs somewhat contrary to the notion where we currently encourage considerable group work and cooperation in our schools.

To nurture a sense of independence, I think we must address motivation, patience and perseverence with our students. Clearly, however, it seems imperative we nurture both teamwork and a sense of independent within our students.

Long live Libertarian Motorists!


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  2. Your last sentence (well, second to last sentence...) is the key in my view. I should be our goal. Teaching to and developing in students that independent, sometimes risky venture in learning. Paul's a great example. However, you know better than I how critical helping kids understand the value and collective might of team.

    By the way, is Bill now your new hero?

  3. No... but I think Bill Gates has good things to say. It seems like he is sort of becoming an icon. I think my heroes at this point are:

    1- Barb
    2- Frederick Buechner
    3- John Wooden
    4- Dick Bennett
    5- Abraham Lincoln

  4. I agree that there has to be a balance of both working independently and cooperatively!