Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Rick Dormer should quit rooting for the Beavs! GO COUGS!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Debating Representation

Representatives from various states converge to debate representation. Should states have an equal "say" in our national legislature or is representation by population more fair?

Maryland is represented at the convention

The state of Maryland was represented at Aloha's Constitutional Convention. How do you think the Terrapin State felt about the issue of representation, the tariff and slavery?

The Constitutional Convention at Aloha

Last week our American Studies class culminated their Constitutional Convention. Led by teachers Brian Reichelt and Steve Lucero, students role played delegates to the convention and were divided into the 13 original states. The proceedings were characterized by and in-depth study of the complex issues that faced the delegates and lively debates, among which representation and slavery were particularly controversial.

As you tell from the pictures, students were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed their learning.

Daniel Pink would point out that students had a relevant experience, learned empathy and worked as a team!

Another example of great teaching and learning at Aloha! Thank you to Brian and Steve!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sugata Mitra: Can Kids Teach Themselves?

I heartily recommend educators interested in techonology and the philosophical considerations related to education to view this videoclip. It is thought-provoking and certainly makes the case that technology has an innate and powerful way of "capturing the spirit" of young people.

It makes me wonder... how do we capture and direct this power? Toward what ultimate end is educational technology to be used?

As a final cavaet, I do think Sugata Mitra seemed to draw generalizations from a very small of data and he was pretty liberal with his speculations... I think a Statistics teacher might have a heart attack!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Musings about technology

I fully recognize the value of technological improvements that are increasingly rapid and pervasive in our society. The access to information, artistic value and speed of communication all add to our society. Technological developments are a "real part" of society and in countless ways improve our quality of life.

Nonetheless, at a social and ethical level I am often concerned for our world community. For one, the sense of propriety and civility in our dialogue is often compromised. People speak in bold, and are often inaccurate or dishonest, tones that are encouraged by the anonymity created by technology. I also think we are losing part of the humanity in our relationships... as was shared tonight, people having dinner are on the cell phone. Or, in yesterdays Oregonian a social worker was shown speaking to a student with headphones in his ears. In each case, are people fully engaged in relationship?